Houston Foundation Repair for Savvy Realtors and Homeowners

Structured Foundation Repairs Houston Serves Savvy Realtors and Homeowners!

Our whole process is designed for the quick response you need as a realtor, and, to provide you all the documents lenders need to close your sale.

Other Houston foundation repair companies may quote realtors 2 or 3 weeks to evaluate a home.
They are telling you “No Thanks realtors, we’d rather work directly with homeowners, so we’ll just delay until you go away.”

Structured is different – we LIKE realtors!

And we’ll complete your foundation evaluation quickly.

Foundation Repair Issues Threatening Your Sale?

Brandon Hoge

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Savvy realtors know me! I keep deals moving smoothly when foundation issues arise. I ensure you get the highest quality foundation repair, and, I deliver every document needed to rapidly close your sale. – Brandon Hoge

My quick, professional-grade repair work meets all necessary lender and insurance requirements. And I provide the engineering documents to prove it!

My company’s process always includes:

  • a Certified professional engineer’s stamped approval of the project plan before work begins.
  • a final project report stamped by a Certified professional engineer attesting that the work was properly completed according to plan.
  • a Licensed Master Plumber’s final report on all under-slab plumbing after work is completed.
  • a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on our concrete or steel pressed pilings.
  • a detailed completion letter from me.

I guarantee that these documents will meet your Lender’s requirements so there will be no foundation surprises at closing – Brandon Hoge, owner

 I also take pride in being TREC-certified to teach Continuing Education classes for real estate professionals on home foundations, foundation drainage and related matters.

REALTORS – Inquire about my FREE Continuing Education Course on Home Foundations.