Foundation Repair FAQ

Frequently Asked Foundation Repair Questions

Will I Be Able To List and Sell My Property On The Market Once Foundation Repair Has Been Done?

Of course you can! All foundation repair methods that we use are FHA, HUD and VA approved.

When the time comes for you to sell your property, you will need to tell your buyers (disclose) that the foundation repair is completed. We will give you some documents and you will need to show these to the buyers. We will also provide you with an engineering report and our very own warranty certificate. The mortgage lender for the buyer will also want a copy of this report, but your real estate provider can help you with this.

How Long Should I Wait Before I Fix Drywall Cracks?

How long you wait will largely depend on how the property needs to be lifted. The grade beam shouldn’t be moved once they’ve been lifted but the stud walls might need a bit of time to adjust to the new position. We suggest waiting 4-6 weeks in order to make sure that your repair is fully stable

Will Repairing My Foundation Make New Cracks?

Your foundation repair may close up your existing cracks, but there is also a chance that it could open up new ones. The main aim of the process is to make sure that your home is as close to the original level as possible and we always try to minimise damage.

Brick Cracks

The cracks that you see on bricks in the stair step on houses are visible when the foundation has been compromised. This will diminish once the slab has been lifted back in place.

It should be noted that there is no complete guarantee that the cracks will close and this is because each property is different. There are various construction factors that determine whether or not old cracks will close, and whether new cracks will appear.

Will Repairs Affect My Plumbing?

Every time a foundation settles, the pipes underneath may become damaged and this is something that you can’t avoid. They can also become damaged when the foundation is put back into place, and that is why we always recommend hiring a plumber once the job has been completed.

How Long Will The Repair Take?

It should only take one or two days for the average Houston foundation repair job, however this will depend on what work is involved and the damage that is present

Will The Repair Damage My Landscape?

The methods that our company use will help to minimise any damages. If we do need to move a bush however, we will do everything that we can to make sure that it survives.

How Do I Know Whether Or Not This Is The Right Foundation Repair for Me?

Structured Foundation Repairs Houston recommends Professional Engineering reports and includes third-party engneers fees in our quotes.
Before work commences the engineer reviews our repair plan and confirms their suitability. Upon completion he then views the site and certifies the repairs are implemented correctly.

How Much Do You Charge for an Estimate?

We always provide you with a free estimate.
When you make an appointment with us, our own estimator will come out to your home and draw an elevation map. He will also inspect the inside of your home before notifying you of any stress that may be present.

We may also conduct an electronic survey using Technidea Ziplevel. This gives us the digital data that we need to see the contours of the foundation underneath your home. This also allows us to determine the right foundation repair plan for your home as well.