Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Houston

Many older homes in Houston, indeed some elegant newer homes, have a pier and beam foundation needing repair.

Pier and beam foundations near Houston are constructed in two basic forms. The difference between the two is quite important when considering foundation repair.

Floors of a pier-and-beam-supported home rest on horizontal wooden timbers (the “beams”) often 6 inches square or larger. These floor-support timbers are raised off the ground by vertical elements called “piers”. These are usually made of poured concrete or steel-reinforced concrete blocks. Many older homes in Houston used squared-off sections of rot-resistant Bois d’Arc tree stumps as foundation piers.

Important Differences In Pier and Beam Foundation Repair
vertical concrete pier, and grade beam in a crawl space.

Vertical concrete pier and horizontal wooden beam supporting floor joists in a Houston crawl space. Perimeter grade beam in background.

Distinguishing the two basic types of foundation construction is easy. Ask the question “what do the vertical piers sit on?”

Modern foundation construction uses a cast concrete “perimeter” or “grade beam” at the soil level. This surrounds your home providing a much larger bearing surface than the individual piers could provide. Most important, it ties together the vertical elements with a single horizontal unit.

Simply put, foundations with a perimeter grade beam can be lifted, leveled, stabilized with pilings, and warranted. Those without, cannot.

Adjustment of Floor Levels

An adjustment of the height of the floor is possible and can be done by raising the beams to take off the supports followed by the addition or removal of steel shims. Also, replacement of vertical elements can be done if there is a need.

Wood Replacement

The crawl space which is present under the floor contains wood that needs to be replaced periodically. The wood might be damaged with cracks starting to emerge or the wood losing its strength as a result of moisture or insects.

Ventilation Improvements

To reduce the possibility of rotting wood and prevent the growth of mold or fungus, sufficient ventilation needs to exist in your crawl space. Moisture build-up and humidity levels in your crawl space can be decreased by installing passive vents or mechanical ventilation systems.


In areas where pier and beam foundation repair work has been carried out, we provide a one year transferrable warranty for shimming and wood replacement.