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Brandon Hoge, Owner Structured Foundation Repairs Houston

Brandon Hoge, Owner

Our Houston foundation repair personnel have satisfied thousands in the country’s two most active slab foundation repair markets: DFW and Houston, Texas. These cities share a similar climate and both have foundation-punishing clay soil near the surface.

Structured Foundation Repairs Houston provides:
• Foundation Repair for concrete slabs
• Pier and Beam foundation repair
• Lifetime Transferable Warranty on all slab repairs
• Foundation Drainage solutions
• Certified Professional Engineer’s completion reviews
FREE Foundation Evaluations For Homeowners

“Trust us to do the right thing” – Brandon Hoge

Our experience in Dallas and Houston has produced excellent and affordable foundation repair solutions that will endure for the life of your home.

We guarantee our work with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on all concrete slab repairs benefitting you and also any future owners. Free Estimate, easy financing options and my exceptional customer support mean a no-hassle experience for you and your family.

Foundation Repair Evaluations are Free for Homeowners and Listing Agents in Houston and the surrounding communities. We may request a travel fee for more distant locations or for Non-Homeowners.

Before and After Foundation Repair:

FREE Foundation Evaluations for Homeowners
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Structured’s Foundation Repair Process

Our foundation repair process has been proven in thousands of installations in Texas. Our projects always include:

  • pressed concrete pilings with steel reinforcement designed specifically for Houston’s clay soils.
  • before work begins, a Certified Professional Engineer’s stamped approval of the project plan.
  • after work completes, a final project report stamped by a Certified Professional Engineer attesting that the work was properly completed according to plan.
  • a leak test of all under-slab plumbing with a Licensed Master Plumber’s final report.
  • our Lifetime Transferable Warranty on our steel-threaded concrete pilings
  • a One-Year warranty on pier and beam foundation repair projects
  • documented with a completion letter including the details of your foundation repair.


    We are Insured, Bonded, and carry

    Texas Workman’s Compensation Insurance!

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Many older homes in Houston, indeed some elegant newer homes, need pier and beam foundation repair.
Pier and beam foundation repair problems are quite different to concrete slabs, and, they require a different approach to restoration. They are usually composed of many vertical concrete bases which support the structure – called “piers”. This design approach lifts the support members of a structure’s floor, the “beams”… Read more

Affordable Concrete Leveling Houston

Restore the good looks of your driveway, sidewalks, and pool deck for half the replacement cost!
Our expert concrete leveling services eliminate trip hazards and restore your home’s appeal in a single workday. Let Structured Foundation save your concrete with our polyurethane foam injection…  Read more

Houston’s “Very Wet Then Very Hot” Climate Stresses Home and Commercial Foundations

Warm, wet air from the nearby Gulf of Mexico powers intense storms in Houston that drop huge amounts of rain in short periods of time. The expansive clay soil underlying much of our area sucks up the moisture and expands significantly; this clay soil expansion exerts a considerable upward force on every square inch of a home’s concrete slab.

Generally this part of the climate-driven cycle is not noticeable to homeowners.

Long periods of high temperatures and low rainfall levels (think Houston in a typical summer) dry-out our clay soil. As it dries the clay shrinks and exerts less upward pressure – this means less lift for your home. Your foundation is now free to fall in areas where it has been previously damaged.

Sticking doors, cracks in ceilings, interior walls and exterior brick facades that appear in dry summers are damage that probably occurred during a wet winter.

NOW you can SEE your foundation has issues!

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