Foundation Repair: Savvy Realtors Avoid 3 Closing Pitfalls

Proactive, savvy realtors who know how to handle foundation repair issues gain the trust of buyers and sellers alike. And they will close more sales.

Foundation repair is a common closing issue in Houston due to expanding clay soil near the surface. Become successful as an agent and you will encounter transactions that hinge on foundation repair issues.

During a property sale, it is important for the buyer and seller to determine what will be done with any foundation repairs before closing. Here are three (3) foundation issues that realtors should avoid or have the expertise to handle:

  • 1. Buyers thought sellers would complete repairs before closing
  • 2. Certified Professional engineer did not certify the repair plans, nor the as-built work
  • 3. Contractor did not acquire the proper permit

“As-Is” Repairs Not Completed by Seller Before Closing

Buyers do not want to inherit the seller’s foundation problems. “Before the sale is closed” is the perfect time to deal with any repairs, especially to the foundation. This expense can be added or subtracted from the final sales price. In turn, the new owner receives a well-built home with a repaired foundation.

But sometimes, the seller wants to sell the property “As Is.” This is why the real estate agent and buyer and seller must conduct a thorough inspection BEFORE any closing is even considered. Hiring a third-party inspector is the wisest policy.

The buyer should provide a written list of repairs that MUST be completed before closing. The response of the seller should be documented in writing. This professional approach will avoid any potential lawsuits or hard feelings. All parties will praise the professionalism of the real estate agent.

Engineer Did Not Certify Repairs

A property sale is one of the most expensive and important decisions a family can make. A professional third-party engineer should be hired to inspect the foundation. This objective certified professional can determine if a foundation issue is temporary or permanent.

The “eyeball test” is not enough when dealing with a valuable property sale. A qualified Texas engineer understands the soil characteristics, building materials and severity of foundation damage. Once a certified engineer documents the damage, then Structured Foundation Repair Houston can be hired to complete the job.

Contractor Did Not Have Proper Permit

There is a wide range of experience levels for Texas contractors. Foundation repair is an unregulated industry in Texas. Good real estate agents should find a good, professional contractor to trust.

Such a contractor would be Bonded, Insured and able to easily prove it. They will have their own Workmen’s Compensation Insurance, and their own experienced and educated employees. Finally, they should provide a Lifetime-of-the House Warranty on their pilings.

Call Structured Foundation Repair Houston for more details and get a FREE FOUNDATION EVALUATION within 48 hours of your call.